Ferrycarrig’s Chain Of Responsibility

January 2024

For Ferrycarrig, having a robust chain of responsibility (CoR) system means that we must take full responsibility for the safety of our operations.

How we do this is through ensuring we have appropriate policies and procedures in place for the transportation of goods. We also ensure that our employees are trained in these policies and procedures and ensure we have methods to verify this.

This is further underpinned by:

  • Internally maintaining our master heavy vehicle scales calibration register. We use this to ensure the timely calibration of our truck scales every six months to guarantee the accurate readings of loads.
  • Guaranteeing all heavy vehicles we own and purchase have scales installed.
  • Ensuring all drivers fill out load record books daily and they get entered into Assignar for auditing purposes;

In support of the above, our plant team complete verification checks and ensure no load is ever over weight. To verify the compliance and safety of our trucks, any heavy vehicle over 5 years old must also pass a NHVR RMS inspection yearly insuring the highest standard of safety and upkeep of our plant.

To verify the knowledge and competence of all our current and new drivers, a verification of competency assessment is performed by our Plant Manager to ensure full competence of driving each truck configuration.

By prioritizing load mass management and verification procedures, we create a safer, more efficient, and compliant working environment for our crews and greater public.