A Covid Safe Workplace

Our company plays a vital role, delivering essential services and infrastructure to our communities. We have implemented several initiatives and processes to ensure the safe continuation of our operations while prioritising the health and safety of our workforce and others involved in or affected by our operations during the Covid-19 crisis.

Mandatory social distancing, wherever possible, has been implemented in our offices and project sites. Measures taken to ensure social distancing and a COVID safe and hygienic workplace include:

  • Applying all current Government-mandated guidelines relating to travel and self-isolation
  • Increased cleaning of site amenities and facilities, including the availability of hand sanitiser & masks on all sites
  • Regular communication with employees reinforcing correct hygiene, self-isolation, and social distancing practices
  • Reducing face-to-face meetings, toolbox talks, and pre-starts to as few employees as possible, and practicing appropriate social distancing measures when these do occur
  • Implementing plans for office staff to work remotely where possible and increasing social distancing measures in all offices
  • Restricting visitors to our offices & sites to only necessary employees and contractors

We continue to follow all advice from relevant authorities concerning the pandemic and regularly update our COVID-19 Management Plan accordingly. We will continue to revise our approach in line with federal and state government directives as the situation evolves.

We will continue to maintain a safe workplace and operate effectively to achieve successful outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.