Graduate Engineer Uruthran Ramanathan in action on site

Q&A with a Ferrycarrig Graduate Engineer

Uruthran Ramanathan gives us the low down on what it’s like to work for Ferrycarrig as a Graduate Engineer

Tell us about your career path, and what led you to your current role at Ferrycarrig? 

I started with Ferrycarrig as an intern in January 2021 while studying Bachelor of Civil Engineering Hons. during my final year at Western Sydney University. As an intern, I understood the company’s procedures, systems, and 6 core values.

Closer to my graduation, the Ferrycarrig team offered me a graduate civil engineer role where I was working as part of the Graduate Program at Ferrycarrig to pursue my goals. I manage quality assurance, daily reports, and various documentation. 

Tell us about your role at Ferrycarrig. What do you do?

I am currently a site engineer where I work closely with the crews, supervisors, foreman, and senior engineers to solve various onsite problems and technical problems. There are various roles that I undertake as a site engineer where I assist my site supervisor in the organisation of labour, materials and equipment. Carrying out site inspections and assisting the Project Manager to prepare estimates and submissions for works under the contract. Coordinating with the crew to establish and maintain a safety culture, standards & procedures across activities to achieve a workplace free of incidents and injury.

What led you to pursue a career in the civil construction industry?

The beauty of a career in construction is that your career aspirations can be sky high, the only limit to what you can achieve falls upon you! The civil construction industry is always in demand where there always is and always will be a demand for construction workers. When one project ends, it is more than likely a new one is set to start, so with the skills gained from previous roles, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find yourself a new and exciting challenge!

What’s the best part of your job at Ferrycarrig?

There is a fantastic prospect to forge lifelong friendships and relationships whilst pursuing a career in construction where you will always be a valued member of a team, working alongside like-minded individuals. Together you will be working on creating and delivering projects you can look back on and feel accomplished for completing together. Working as an engineer in Ferrycarrig means amazing travel opportunities where you have the option to go where the work takes you.

What is the most memorable project you have worked on in the course of your career?

I have contributed to 3 different projects while working with Ferrycarrig. The most memorable project I have worked on so far is one of Sydney Water’s largest projects which is Prospect South to MacArthur (ProMac)

Under the ProMac project, we are building new drinking water pipelines between Prospect South and Macarthur as part of Sydney Water’s long-term plan to extend the city’s water capacity and supply. Our role in ProMac was to construct a 900m of watermain pipeline to connect the future two new reservoirs in Oran Park. This will allow for an extra 100 Megalitres of additional reservoir capacity in Western Sydney and ensure growing communities in South Western Sydney have access to clean drinking water.

Some of the project highlights and challenges include installing 1 metre diameter steel pipes 6m below the ground level, where we need to ensure that the ground is excavated and trench correctly for safe ingress and egress. The biggest challenge is trying to complete critical works before sudden inclement of weather takes place on our site which could delay our progress.

What do you see as the most challenging aspect of working in the civil industry? 

There are so many potential hazards on construction sites that we engineers need to be on alert for potentially hazardous situations and take corrective action on all hazardous situations so that everyone goes home safe. This year especially has been very challenging for us and the construction industry due to ongoing heavy rain and COVID-19. This has slowed down our progress to finish our job according to our program. Our team has a can-do attitude where we make an effort to be positive and keep good morale up among your team to finish our projects strong!

If you could provide advice to young people interested in a career in civil construction, what would it be? 

By pursuing a career in construction, you are making a big difference in your local community! You can be involved in designing, planning and delivering projects that can make a real difference to many people. 

Whether you are office based, working behind the scenes, or working on-site making these plans a reality you are helping to create a better environment for all those benefitting from the projects you will be working on.

How do you think the industry can attract more diverse candidates?

What I like most about Ferrycarrig is the amazing team of people working here. I am very fortunate to join such a great team who have kept me motivated and supported me through many challenges. The company culture at Ferrycarrig puts its employees first and one that supports your personal development. Everyone works together as a team in a very supportive environment. At Ferrycarrig we have plenty of social events such as soccer & tap rugby tournaments, celebrating festive days and having endless barbeques to bring all the staff together to form a huge fun and diverse family.